Puppy Stylin’

OS X 10.6.6
*** Special Mac Store price - Save 40% for a limited time! *** CUSTOMER REVIEWS: "I have to say I loved it. Good Time Managment Game. I bought the bone making machine and if you give the dogs a bone it gives them a heart. So before I brought the dog to the cash register I would make sure the dog had five hearts. If you do that you will get a gold star and a expert rating. I will be buying this game for sure!!!" ~ i24unicorn "But this game looks excellent, and the added 'dog show' element is cuter than heck. I can't wait to see how the game 'expands' but I definately love that you 'scroll' to see all the levels (instead of seeing only 10 levels)" ~ Jeanie "I like this game it is cute and funny." ~ June129 DESCRIPTION: Compete in local dog shows and word of your legendary styling skills will take you to the biggest competitions around! Help Eloise and Roberto advance all the way from their backyards to a professional tropical island salon. Wash, brush, style, color, and trim puppies of every breed as you help them earn a living in this exciting Time Management game. Can you become a master of Puppy Stylin'? FEATURES: * Dozens of hilarious Doggies and Owners * Run 10 Unique Dog Salons * Play as either Roberto or Eloise * Romantic comedy storyline – with a happy ending! * Enter your dog into Dog Shows and win it all! * Fun accessories including Clothes, Sunglasses and Bling