Pure Hearts

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Pure Hearts is a refreshing take on the popular Hearts game with a strong multiplayer mode, an outstanding Artificial Intelligence and focusing on the essencial. Play in instant multiplayer or singleplayer modes or invite one or more friends to play with you directly from their iPhone, iPads or Mac (coming soon for AppleTV). Keep a local record of your statistics and see how you rank globally using GameCenter. Pure Hearts offers many exciting features, including: - Multiplayer mode, you can use your Mac to play with your friends on their Mac, iPod Touch, iPhone or iPads. - Resume mode (singleplayer) so that you can always continue from where you left - Rejoin mode so that you can leave a multiplayer game for short periods - Beautiful exclusive made graphics and playing cards - Player hand layout customisation - Rank and Suit order customisation - Leaderboard and an extensive list of achievements This is it, the killer Hearts game you've been waiting - check it out!