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★ UNIQUE LOGIC PUZZLE GAMEPLAY. 1,5 millions of iOS players are addicted to Push-Cars (iPad, iPhone & iPod). Now you can enjoy in your Mac this logic-puzzle game where the good and eco friendly cars leave the cities while the bad and polluting ones keep on crashing! ★ PRESS REVIEW ✓ Apple: "New and noterworthy". ✓ TouchArcade: "I'm quite happy with Push-Cars. I've devoured the puzzles. They're just the right mix of sadistic and fair." ✓ Arcadelife: "This is one of the best puzzle games I’ve seen for quite a while. Everything about it is very polished. Anyone who even slightly enjoys puzzle games on their iPad should be perfectly happy with this game." ✓ AppAdvice: "If you enjoy puzzle games and the high level of patience that goes with them, you’ll probably enjoy this game." ★ ENJOY THE TRIP. Help Sparky and his friends to exit the city in the search of fresh air and see how Hannibal and the most dirty cars crash and pollute the real streets from New York to Las Vegas, visiting Washington, Miami, Houston, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Hollywood along the way. ★ ONLY ONE CLICK TO CONTROL, ALL YOUR BRAIN TO WIN With a brand new game idea, Push-Cars will have you hooked with its irresistible gameplay. You only have to use one click to position the cars in the desired direction and hit PLAY to make them move and clear each level. Easy to play, but with a smooth difficulty curve that will keep you craving for more! There is more than one way to resolve each level, but only one will give you the three wheels of fame! ★ INCREDIBLY EASY TO PLAY. BUT SURPRISINGLY CHALLENGING. "This car has only 3 possible orientations and none of them work!" These are some phrases that you probably will say to yourself when you discover the funny levels of Push-cars. Seems trivial, but it sure will surprise you. ★ NO TIME FOR BORING. ✓ 90 Challenging levels based on authentic American cities. ✓ Unique puzzle gameplay. ✓ 9 Different cars with different behavior. ✓ Unique achievements. ✓ Exclusive music theme. ✓ Facebook and Twitter integration. ✓ Full screen or windowned. Check the promo video and all Push-Cars related info at www.Push-Cars.com and join the growing community of Push Cars enthusiasts in our official Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/PushCars