Push Mic Control – A Push To Talk (PTT) manager

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Be heard only when you want! With this App you can choose when your microphone is listening, keeping your privacy. Get a full control of your mic selecting an operating mode, and using your selected hotkeys to activate it. In addition, when your mic is working, the status bar icon changes to red color. You can choose between 5 different modes: - Push to Talk. - Push to Mute. - Always Listening. - Always Muted. - Toggle Mode. Main features: - The simplest status bar App to control your microphone. - Icon changes to red color when mic is working. - 5 operating modes. - Customize your hotkeys to activate it ('Push to Talk' and 'Push to Mute' modes). - Launch at login option. - It works with all system and all software that uses your microphone (Such as FaceTime and Skype). - It supports dynamic mic volume change. * Special thanks to Ángela García Jiménez for helping design creation. * If you like it, please, rate it; and if you find any issue, please, contact us.