Push The Squares: Puzzle Game

OS X 10.9.0
Push The Squares is a new game in which you have to find the proper way to connect squares with stars of the same color. Click on the each block to move it and make it reach the the stars. Push the squares to the stars with matching colors. Game has 97 mind blowing levels. The ultimate game about squares. The only one with a solver. Get it NOW!!! Our poor blocks have lost their way, and need to find their home! Push them, and prod them, and send them to their correct homes, will you? This awe-inspiring brain-teaser or the game about squares, as we call it, is on its way to be the newest sensation in the world of puzzles! Our simple game just has one simple objective at the end of the day. Bring the Block back Home. Every level unlocks the next, another challenge for you to master, to take you one step closer to being our ultimate game champion. The higher the score, and the faster you play, the more stars you win per level. But worry not! Undo your mistakes and reset your levels if you don’t find your way the first time around. We have only one motto, try and try till you succeed, and have fun while you are at it. Features: - More than 95 original exciting levels for you to master. - A colorful interface that makes playtime even more fun than before! - More levels coming soon. Just as you bring the block home, bring yourself to the game. Go to the store right away, and download our exclusive puzzle masterpiece. It promises loads of fun, it promises hours of brain-teasing, and most of all, it promises a way back home!