Quick and Dirty

OS X 10.8.5
The less than five-second image editor. Here's the thing: Yes, from time to time we need Photoshop. More frequently, we need Apps like Pixelmator or Acorn. But for the remaining 97%, we wish for a much easier, much faster App! And now there is one! Quick and Dirty is for all those time consuming and ever repeating tasks. Of course, Quick and Dirty is not a monster like Photoshop. And no, it can't stand up against Pixelmator or Acorn. But as a David it is much faster, much more agile and thus for many, many daily jobs often even more versatile. It makes use of all the Photoshop shortcuts we know, it opens all image formats we need for our daily work as copy writers, journalists, bloggers, teachers, students, or grandparents. No layers, no brushes, no shadows, no magic tools - no fuss. Open, enhance, crop, resize and save all your images for the web in less than five seconds. Quick and Dirty will save you hundreds of minutes, or even hours, a year. And even though it may be simple in its best sense, that does not mean that it is too limited. Quite the opposite is true: It has all the powerful tools you need to quickly edit, enhance, and prepare your images for your next article, weblog entry, essay, homework, or birthday invitation directly at your fingertips. This also includes dead simple tools to annotate pictures and screen shots in a blink. And it is a no-brainer to use. No, really! I mean it. Everyone is able to use it. Immediately. Yes, you too! If needed, you could even edit your RAW images directly from your Nikon or Leica, and should you need to send something to the printer, you could even convert and export CMYK images. Since saving every little second is very important for those of us that have to edit, enhance, annotate, crop, downsize, and export more than one image for the web every day - Quick and Dirty can automatically sharpen images after downsizing, can automatically close windows after export and, if enabled, won't even ask if you want to save the image after you've already exported it. It's just little things - but I mean it when I say that it will save you hundreds of minutes of your precious time. Every year. And it is full of such nifty little things. Care for an example? Here you are: The built-in sharing option. With Quick and Dirty it is just one click to share your awesome pictures on Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr…