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SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY ■ #1 PDF Form Filler for Mac OSX ■ Designed exclusively for Mac OSX Download the best PDF filler on the app store, and boost your productivity like never before! Quickly fill out forms and sign those important documents. Quick PDF Editor makes it easy! Quick PDF is optimized for the Mac. With a clean and intuitive design, the user interface is easy to pick up and understand. Most importantly, it's FAST! Don't pay extra for all those features that you don't need in those expensive PDF apps. Quick PDF Editor has ALL the essential PDF editing features without the bulk and the expensive price point. Quick, clean, and easy to figure out. • Quickly fill and edit PDFs that are already in the form format. Quick PDF can save or print directly. • Manually add text wherever necessary in your forms. Text can be edited with a variety of options, changing font, opacity, or colors. • Annotations are resizable and can be moved around as necessary. Edit and preview modes are available so you can view your PDF without any distractions! • Draw in your signature and add them into your PDFs! Images can also be imported for your convenience! • Save files without bloating their file sizes! A focus on efficiency keeps your computer running as smooth as possible while working on your forms! • Save tons of time and resources by printing directly! No scanning and reprinting of forms! Fresh Squeezed Apps are always determined to bring you the best in quality apps that help make your life on the computer easier! We always welcome and appreciate your feedback! Feel free to contact us with feedback, comments, or any issues you may have with the app! Email us at feedback@freshsqueezedapps.com or on twitter @FSApps! ≈ Connect ≈ Facebook: FreshSqueezedApps Instagram: @FreshSqueezedApps Twitter: @FSApps