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**FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME** *** TRY MIYA NOTES FOR GOOGLE KEEP *** Quick Entry for Trello is simple utility for Mac which allows you to add cards quickly to Trello Board from anywhere. Just press CMD+OPTION+S (Customizable) Features: - quick and simple - customizable global shortcut - create new cards instantly from anywhere via hotkey Legal Note: QuickEntry is a 3rd party app and is not affiliated with Trello what so ever. Trello and its logo is trademarks of Trello Inc. QuickEntry uses the «Trello API» — You need to Sign In and allow to use data from your Trello account. Quick Entry for Trello saves MemberId and a Token for communication with the Trello.com service. PRIVACY POLICY — We do NOT show ads. — We do NOT store or even transmit any of your personal data to us or a third party. — We do NOT store any of your data outside your device except inside Trello itself.