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Quranflash is a light Mac app which allows you to listen and read the Holy Quran using different prints and layouts, with many assistant tools. Quranflash utilizes the concept of "in-app downloads", to make the application small in file size and easy for download. Asset files (recitations, Masahef, tafseer databases) have been stored on the server. Upon request, the appropriate asset files are downloaded to your machine only once. The following list of features is available in Quranflash: - The choice between multiple Masahef, with high-resolution pages - Search the entire mushaf using keywords - Select and interact with verses through highlighting, bookmarking, audio listening, copying - Auto-Bookmark and manual bookmark, including your own notes - Page-synchronized recitation for tens of reciters, with memorization helper tools - Tafseer (interpretations), translations, and transliteration per verse - Easy seamless downloading and management of extra content