Race Rally 3D

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The Race Rally is the best 3d arcade racing game features day or night rainy mode with lights on or off and six different camera views. Race along with other artificial intelligence (AI) cars for the desired number of laps assisted with back camera view mirror and win! Key features; ✓ Beautiful 3D graphics of unique race track & cars ✓ Challenge AI opponents ✓ Drizzling rain or day mode ✓ Turn into night racing with lights on or off ✓ Picture-in-Picture(PIP) 2D overview track map ✓ Continuous feed - car back camera view mirror ✓ Choose from 3 fun game modes Race & Chase, Countdown & Timer ✓ 6 diff.camera views including front facing car view (Inside/Outside & Sky views) ✓ Collision fire sparks ✓ Choice of race car color ✓ Unique and absorbing music tracks plus SFX/sound controls ✓ Amazingly small footprint of binary size for a quality 3D racing game. Choose from three different game modes: Race-n-Chase with AI cars, Countdown, and Timer mode. You can optionally turn off engine (SFX) or music sound. Chill out your racing experience with an option to turn on rain shower and lights. Enjoy the rally action packed ride!