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RadioBrowser plays any webradio (Internet radio) which plays in Safari. Easy to configure, quick change the web radio from StatusMenu. You can choose from thousands of web radios all over the world and create your own playlists/bookmarks. Listen to your favorite webradio in the background. You can add your favorite webradio with just a few clicks. Feel free to test your playlists from Video portals like YouTube. - Open webradios via a bookmark from StatusMenu for quick access - Find a webradio on Google, Bing, Yahoo and all other Internet Search Engines - Listen to many Internet Radios in the embedded browser - Add your favorite Web Radio to the bookmarks list - Internet Radio - Choose with Drag and Drop your own images for the Bookmarks - Volume control - Play/Pause controls - Hide main window - Works in the background - Watch your favourite videos from many video portals - Watch YouTube videos in theatre mode (can be defined in the app)