Rail Maze 2 : Train Puzzler

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Rail Maze 2 adds even more fun and challenge to Rail Maze world. Additional Levels, new graphic environments and much more in version 2.0 of Rail Maze. Rail Maze 2 is the latest game by Spooky House Studios - creators of big hits: Rail Maze and Bubble Explode. With online levels there is virtually limitless amount of challenging and unique puzzles. Escape PIRATES and GHOSTS on rails, control semaphores and avoid steam and lava. Have a lot of fun! Now you can also build your own levels and share them with friends and the world! Features: * 100+ puzzles * Virtually UNLIMITED number of online levels * LAVA and STEAM * Draggable and switchable rails * PIRATE and GHOST trains * Super long trains * Underground tunnels * Semaphores * Level Editor * 3 environments: - Wild west - Arctic - Dungeon Additional Items available in the game as an InAppPurchase: - Solutions - Tickets - Spins Get Rail Maze 2 now!