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RapidCopy is portable version of FastCopy(v2.11). RapidCopy Features: - High-speed diff file copy by update date or filesize. - Stable copy(Ignore minor error). - Checksum verify copy. - Generate Log file (includes checksum). - "LTFS"(Linear Tape File System) read/write support. - Fastest LTFS checksum copy - Support LTFS prohibit char auto replacement("/" convert to "_") - Sync(like rsync), Move,Delete... Various copy mode. - Classic look and feel,Usage is same as great original FastCopy. - Source and Destination verify check (Verify only mode) support. - Various checksum algorithm (xxHash,MD5,SHA-1....). - etc... RapidCopy works faster than rsync. RapidCopy can leave the evidence in the file copy by detailed file log. Please see the website for detailed information. http://www.lespace.co.jp/file_bl/rapidcopy/manual/index_en.html