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RapidTree is Simple text catalog software with ASCII art tree. This software makes it possible to execute the traditional "tree" command with GUI. It is possible to analyze the list of folders & files of HDD, SSD, NAS, LTO (LTFS) at high speed and export it as "file list with hierarchical structure (tree)". The "hierarchical structure" of the file / folder is simply written in text. By outputting the hash value (MD5, xxHash checksum) of each file, it can be used as "delivery checklist" or "archive list". Text data generated by RapidTree is a "file catalog in text format" that can be opened without problems at any time. In the case of an application-dependent catalog, there is a possibility that the catalog can not be opened if the application runs out. For long-term archiving, it is important that catalog data can be opened in any environment. The features of RapidTree: · High speed output RapidTree does not touch the file entity, the list creation process is fast(*). * When checksum output is not set:) You can also create lists in LTFS mounted LTOs in reasonable time. · Simple output format Outputs the file catalog in which the hierarchical structure is simply written in text format. * When displaying, it is recommended to display in monospaced font. · Various checksum - MD5,SHA-1,xxhash · Sequential file omit option Omitting the display of "many sequential number files" to 1 line. Sequential number file can be displayed simply, it is convenient when saving and printing. File extension filter support.(Include/Exclude) · Sequential file "missing" check You can check "missing" in the sequential number file. Fast analysis and display of "lost sequence name" and "missing number(s)". It makes it easy to check for missing file(s) which is frequently handled in video and CG work.