RC Mini Racing

OS X 10.6.6
RC Mini Racing is a game to feel adrenaline running together with remote control cars from scale 1:28. You have full control of your car to make exciting turns and amazing overtakings! Race in more than 30 tracks and you have access car pieces like eletric engines, chassis, suspensions, tires, wheels and many car shells, with over 1200 combinations to win! You can also create tons of unique tracks using the Track Editor with all the main game track pieces available. Game Features: - 30 tracks on 3 championship levels; - Garage with electric engines, chassis, suspension, wheels, tires and car shells to choose from; - AI with incremental difficulty; - Simple input, control your car with only one finger (and a optional Digital Control is also available); - Track Editor where you can use all creativity to build your own nice tracks. - Weekly special car's offers, new models, new power!