Reader Rabbit 1st Grade

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GIVE YOUR CHILD A HEAD START. PLAY & LEARN WITH READER RABBIT! The weather has taken a wacky turn – it’s raining rain gear! Soar up to Cloud Nine with Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion in their fabulous Dreamship to help them fix the weather. By playing activities in spelling, math, vocabulary, and science – your forecast calls for a 100% chance of learning fun! Math Skills • Adding with counters • Subtracting with counters • Creating equivalent equations • Recognizing and using coins • Adding coins to reach a target amount Language Arts Skills • Spelling • Building vocabulary • Developing phonics skills • Sound/letter relationships • Letter blends • Digraphs • Developing phonemic awareness • Word families • Onsets and rhymes Life Science Skills • Identifying animal traits and habitats Thinking Skills • Sorting by multiple attributes • Extending color and sound patterns • Problem solving • Predicting direction and position Art and Creativity • Drawing and painting • Creating animations • Creating calendars • Creating music