Reading Fun 1st Grade

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Follow a friendly robot on a reading and writing adventure! Kids can master reading and have fun with over 200 exercises that use puzzle-solving, riddles, stories, pictures and more. Learn about sentence construction, word meaning, reading comprehension and other language arts concepts. Features • Simple drag-and-drop interface • Over 200 exercises and games to reinforce learning • Covers sentence construction, word meaning, reading comprehension, word spacing and more • Includes crosswords, rebuses, stories and riddles for a varied challenge Explore the universe of reading and writing with 8 kinds of activities: • Sentence Construction: Create sentences using common words • Rebuses: Guess which words are represented by the pictures • Word Spacing: Learn about spacing letters to form words • Riddles: Solve the riddle by decoding the braille symbols • Sentences: Complete sentences by filling in missing words • Word Meaning: Learn how the meaning of words depends on context • Comprehension: Read fables and answer questions • Crosswords: Complete the crossword puzzles