OS X 10.6.6
Get up close and personal with animals that are just like the real thing! With this application you can have all kinds of fun, from all directions, with animals produced in dazzlingly life-like 3D. Touch the animals as they come and go on screen to see them jump, cry, roll over, and much more! Move your finger on the screen to make the animals walk or "animal groups" run in whichever direction you please! If you're lucky, you might even get them to perform one of their special "Happy Actions." The lively and energetic movement of these animals can be enjoyed from a variety of angles. Additionally, while you have fun playing with this app, you can also learn about the animals' names, pronunciation, habitats and more. Along with the animal actions, this app can also display the spelling for names as well as playback name pronunciation. Perfect for helping your little tot learn! What are you waiting for? Get up close and personal with these life-like animals. It's a safari in the screen! *The ON-OFF change of the following items is possible. ・Animal name ・Happy Actions ・Display Operation Description