Real Aquarium HD

OS X 10.6.6
★ ☆ ON SALE FOR TODAY ONLY! - Retina Display Ready! Works with Mac OSX Lion + Mountain Lion ☆ ★ Real Aquarium HD for Mac is quite possibly the most beautiful application available for the Mac platform. It's like having Discovery's "Planet Earth" right in front of you presented in a fun and interactive manner. Either use it as a screensaver, or an interactive app to learn about some beautiful animals! Real Aquarium HD includes: - Absolutely breathtaking High Definition footage of underwater life - The built in interactive encyclopedia called "Animal Info" which allows you to learn about what you are viewing - Built in music with options to choose from your iTunes library with a beautiful cover flow interface. - A super easy way to change the footage that you are viewing - A gorgeous "animal info" full screen mode which allows you to step away from your "aquarium" and learn about the species you were just watching **This is the type of app that is great to use when you want to just sit back and relax, or if you wish to learn about some new underwater life, you can delve into it and learn something new. ★ Have suggestions about anything regarding this app? Even just some comments? Email them to ☆