Rebels and Redcoats II

OS X 10.8
Rebels and Redcoats recreates the battlefields of the American Revolutionary War. The war began in 1775 when the American colonies rebelled against the British Empire, declaring their independence in 1776. In the following years, Britain tried to end the revolt and recapture the American territories. The rebels however had support from Europe, with France and Spain later joining the war as allies to their cause. A decisive American victory at Yorktown in 1781 broke the British resolve and was a catalyst in starting peace negotiations. The war ended in 1783 with the signing of the Treaty of Paris and global recognition of the sovereignty of the United States. Key Game Features ● 5 Mission 'Tutorial' Campaign. ● 4 Mission ‘Evolution' Campaign. ● 4 Mission ‘Nemesis' Campaign. ● All missions, apart from the tutorial, can be played as both sides. ● 37 different historical models representing 26 different unit types. ● Three classes of troop quality – Raw, Average and Veteran. ● New general quality mechanic, affecting command radius and leadership benefits. ● 14 different troop classes including infantry (line, grenadiers, guard, and militia), light infantry (and jägars), light cavalry (light dragoons and hussars), dragoons and artillery (4pdr and 6pdr). ● 5 types of infantry formation - Line, Column, Open Order, Square, Unformed. ● New joint Artillery and infantry formations, allowing for effective and resilient combined units. ● New troop morale mechanic (Disruption) ● New 'light' woods that block line of sight but don't give a defensive bonus. ● Detailed Combat Analysis ● Map zoom ● Flank Attacks ● Strategic Movement ● Game Centre Achievements and Leaderboards. ● iCloud Saves. Find us on Facebook – Follow us on Twitter - @HexwarGames Game Forum - Thank you for supporting our games! © 2015 HexWar Games Ltd. © 2014 Decision Games, Inc All Rights Reserved.