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Do you want to manage recently used files efficiently? -Do you feel the limitation on the 'Recent items' functionality of the system menu? -Do you want to easily manage recently opened files with their associated app? With this "Recent Item" App, You can manage recently-used apps/files with ease and access them quickly. The "Recent Item" app is made for you.: • Shows the recent files and apps that you opened for the specified range of date in the past. • Frequently used files and apps can always be accessed quickly by registering them as a "favorite item" • You can find a specific type of file using the app-based-view or keyword searching. • You can run an app or open a file quickly with double-click. • Using the right-click, you can go to the file's location by selecting the menu 'Show in Finder'. • In the system's status bar on top of the screen, You can check and manage recently used files. - The status bar's recent item DB is updated automatically in almost real-time. • Using the menu of the system's status bar, You can access files and apps quickly. - Recent Apps, Recent Files by App, Favorite Apps, Favorite Files • Register this app as a 'Open at Login' using the Dock Menu, and you will be more comfortable and easy to work with your files.