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Recordam, an elegant and easy-to-use application, help you easily create, store, playback and share audio recordings. Recordam Lite is designed as a free viewer for Recordam documents. Moreover, Recordam Lite allows you to create small audio notes, no more than 12 minutes each. For unlimited recording, upgrade to full Recordam. PLAYBACK Control the player from the intuitive interface, main menu controls or keyboard shortcut. Easily switch between audio recordings or even move forward or backward within an audio recording. LIBRARY Get quick and easy access to all of your audio recordings using the Library view. • Import an unlimited number of Recordam documents. • Share audio recordings via Mail, Message and AirDrop. • Add audio recordings to iTunes or export it to disk in a few clicks. • Add author and subject tags for each audio recording using built-in Inspector. RECORDING • Easily switch between audio input devices right into Recordam. You can use a built-in microphone or an external audio input device (including USB microphone). • Change the input volume level even during recording. • Pause / Resume recording. Features available in the full version of Recordam • Unlimited recording time. You can record just about anything, so long as you have enough storage on your Mac! • Import audio files in M4A or MP3 formats • Integration with Finder Tags helps you to organize your audio recordings. Just add tags to the audio recording using a built-in Inspector, and they will automatically appear in Finder.