Recording Vocals

OS X 10.9
Whether you’re working in a world-class audio environment with a million dollar console, or your spare bedroom with a beat up old ball mic, this tutorial shows you everything you need to know to record platinum sounding vocals into your DAW. Capturing crystal-clear vocals is one of the most important and most overlooked parts of song production. So how are vocals best recorded? Let the experts at Singing Canary show you the way! This tutorial starts with an explanation of room acoustics and microphone placement. Next, you’ll learn some important tips about how to transform any room into an optimal vocal environment. With your room set up and ready to go, the tutorial moves on to a deep discussion of the different types of microphones, how they are used and how they shape the sound of the human voice. You’ll also learn about the proximity effect and how you can use it ... or avoid it! There’s even a lesson on the different polar patterns from hyper cardioid to figure eight and how to employ them correctly in your recording environment. From there it’s off to pop filters and their placement, compression, & EQ. This is followed by a comprehensive section on vocal tuning and vocal alignment! So if you want to learn about vocal recording, or if you’re looking to improve the sound of your vocal tracks, this Recording Vocals Tutorial will set you down the right path to recording perfect vocals, every time. Table of Contents: 1. Prologue 2. Introduction 3. Choosing Your Microphone 4. Polar Patters: Which to Choose 5. Pop Filters 6. The Mic Pre, Compressing, Limiting and EQ: The Vocal... 7. Headphones 8. Tracking the Vocal 9. A/Bing the 251 and C800G Mics 10. A/Bing the 251 and SM58 Mics 11. Eqing the Vocals 12. Compressing the Vocals 13. Tuning the Vocals 14. Aligning the Vocal Takes 15. Recording a Choir: The Mics 16. Recording a Choir: Pre FX and Processing