RecordPad Plus

OS X 10.6.6
RecordPad Plus Sound Recording Software RecordPad Sound Recording Software for OS X is an easy-to-use software that is perfect for recording your voice, sound, and music recordings. RecordPad Plus is the ideal software for preparing for presentations, creating narrations and audio books, performing a song, or simply to record a message. Use this recorder to quickly and easily record mp3, wav, or aiff files. RecordPad Plus Features Include: + Record with voice activated recording. + Use hotkeys for ultimate control while using other programs. + Browse through recordings by organizing them in date, format, duration and size. + Save your recordings to wav, mp3, and aiff + Email recordings or upload to an FTP server. + Enjoy MPEG Layer-3 encoding with variable bit rates from 8 to 320kbps with joint stereo modes and crc error checking. + Encode at sample rates between 6000 and 196000Hz in PCM or many other codecs and bits. RecordPad Plus is designed to be a powerful but easy and intuitive to use. Create more robust projects by using WavePad Sound Editor to edit your recordings, MixPad MultiTrack Recorder to mix music, or Express Burn to burn your audio and music recordings. Applications for RecordPad Plus: - Note taking - Speeches - Narrations - Music and song creation - Messages and announcements - Social media video audio clips