Red’s Kingdom

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Help Red explore the land in this awesome action, adventure, puzzle game. Mad King Mac has kidnapped your father and stolen your golden nut! Solve puzzles and battle goons as you explore and battle your way through the kingdom. Discover hidden treasure, collect nuts, unlock special powers and much more as you play through 17 amazing and unique areas where there's always something new to discover. Supports play with track-pad, keyboard or joy-pad. What the amazing reviews have said, "this is more akin to an action adventure game in the same vein as something like Zelda" "if you love the puzzle aspects of games like Legend of Zelda, you'll find a lot to admire about Red's Kingdom" "looks absolutely amazing" "charming and well made" "puzzles are amazing" FEATURES • Awesome adventure • Amazing puzzles to solve • A kingdom to explore • Goons to battle • Secrets to find • Meet new friends • Defeat Mad King Mac • A whole new world to discover More Discover more amazing Cobra Mobile games at Support Having problems? Visit to see if we can help