Relative Link Maker

OS X 10.11
Relative Links are great! This of it like this, instead of needing to know someone's full street address, it is like saying, oh they are just two houses down. This is what a relative link does! With shared and local storage solutions, many times you need to link to a file or folder that is just a few hops away, without the worry of the mount point differences and so forth on multiple Macs. For our IT and coding friends, they use a terminal command...but who needs that when you can have a nice interface to help you out? HOW TO USE: First, we suggest keeping the app icon on your dock, so it is even faster to make your links! 1. You can drag and drop a single file or folder on your dock's app icon or open the app and drag in / select an item. 2. Do the same for your destination. 3. Optionally, customize the name of link to be made. 4. Done! HINT: You can press 'return' to quickly navigate throughout the app for us speedy folks. A LITTE NOTE: If the link and destination are on two different mount points (like Macintosh HD 1 and 2). Changing the mount point (or volume name) will cause the link to break. Relative links are best used on the same volume.