Remove Photo Exif

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Batch to delete metadata from tons of photos completely or partly How it works: 1.Drag images & folders on toolbar icon. 2.Drag the icon from toolbar onto a folder to save. Done! - Able to independently choose entries (Exif/ExifAux/GPS/IPTC/TIFF) from metadata to be removed - Optional to keep image original create&modify time - Optional to keep the output directory structure as same as the origin of each images For example: Source files: /A/a.jpg, /B/b.jpg Destination folder you want to save output to: /C Final output files:/C/A/a.jpg, /C/B/b.jpg Tips: This app will keep the file size as same as its origin and not cause any loss of quality. - Works on : JPG | PNG | TIFF | JPEG2000 | DNG | RAW | 3FR | PPM | ORF | RAF | CR2 | RW2 | IIQ | MEF | MRW | MOS Tips: If you want to save all images into a folder directly, please set the value of Folder Level on 0.