Respiratory Therapist Exam Prep

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Ace your exam with Dynamic Path’s new Respiratory Therapist test prep app! This module features 300 review questions designed to help you prepare for respiratory therapy exams like the RRT. Our targeted multiple choice questions were written exclusively for Dynamic Path by managed care professionals. Each question includes a detailed explanation to help reinforce your comprehension of the material. This module covers all areas of Respiratory Therapy required for certification: – Patient Evaluation and Recommendations – Infection Control and Troubleshooting and Quality Control of Equipment – Initiation and Modification of Interventions Dynamic Path’s exclusive and intuitive UI provides three different practice modes: – a Study Mode that helps you learn at your own pace with instant feedback – a Test Mode that lets you time yourself and choose the topics you want to study – a Review Mode to go over your answers and see what you missed This app is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the NBRC or any other organization.