Resume & CV Templates for Word

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Get the job you want with these 100+ professionally designed resume & CV templates. Choose from 100+ designs to stand out from the competition and grab your employers’ attention like never before! It’s quick and easy to use, and you don’t need to spend precious time on formatting. Top Features: - 100+ unique resume & CV templates 65 one-page, 40 two-page, 10 text-only resumes & CV’s created, designed and styled for all industries - Each template includes a cover letter with matching design A professional-looking cover letter helps persuade the recruiter even more. - Created by experienced designers who know what recruiters want to see Modern layouts that showcase your achievements at a glance - The widest choice Templates for every industry, from funky minimalism to executive elegance - Easy to customise and edit Use drag-and-drop to change text, add logos/images, and rearrange sections - Designed for Microsoft Word for Mac Use with industry standard document editor. What others are saying: “Some of the best resume templates we have ever seen” – iSource “A must have for any job seeker” – MacTrast * Resume & CV Templates - Resumes & CVs for Word requires Word 2008, or later.