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Resumes for Word

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How to use: 1.Choose a resume which you like. 2.Click the "Export" button, if you have not download this resume,this app will download it and you can export to the disk.And if you have download it before, you can export directly. Impress with your resume. Get a better job! Resume template for Word is a clean, modern and professional resumes templates set to help you get your next job. Resume template for Word will help you create impressive and professional resumes in minutes. Stand out from the rest, look professional and communicate your skills like never before. The modern and polished Resume template for Word pack supplies a collection 50 easy-to-use templates for Word. All main elements are easily editable and customisable. Most of the templates are available in the popular A4 (210 x 297 mm) and US Letter (8½ x 11 in.) sizes.