Resurface Photos Extension

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Resurface Photos ... an application and an extension to Apple Photos Fast and Simple for Stunning Results. Wondering how to get a beautiful texturized effect on your photos... Don' t look further.. it is so easy and amazing with Resurface Photos. With ResurfacePhotos you work with textures and blending modes in a snap... simply scroll and preview a brand new effect. Use your own surface tiles, Resize, Rotate, Invert or Color Change them in a snap. ResurfacePhoto comes with over 100 expertly crafted effects and a large library of textures, easily add your own. Any JPEG/TIFF?PNG?BMP file can be used as texture. Your creativity is the limit. Or just pick an effect and make adjustments to tailor your photo to what you wish to achieve. Resurface Photos comes as an Application but works also directly thru a full blown user interface inside Apple Photos, all in the same package.