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REXPlayer is a handy Rex file and slice sample player. It provides all the tempo flexibility you expect with Rex files in a fast, modern app that let’s you play any Rex file and play the individual slices via MIDI, or with your computer keyboard - great for laptop users or anywhere a MIDI controller is not available. Use REXPlayer anytime you need to quickly listen to Rex files. Or use it along side your favorite Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) as a great way to audition files and slices before importing them into your project. You’ll find REXPlayer useful even if your DAW already supports Rex files. Key Features • A fast, efficient way to play any Rex file • Play the file’s slices via any MIDI controller or your computer keyboard • Flexible tempo: change it in realtime or lock it so all files play at your desired tempo • Simple drag and drop operation with files and folders • Drag export to your DAW Using REXPlayer • Opens and loads fast DAWs are great, but they are generally large, complex apps with slow load times. REXPlayer is purpose built to play Rex files - fast: you can preview several files before your DAW has even opened. • Instant access to the individual slices REXPlayer gives each of the Rex slices its own MIDI note number, so you can immediately play the slices from your MIDI controller to get creative with the slices and decide if this file is right for your project - before your import it. Even the MIDI routing is simple and direct in REXPlayer. • Hands-on control and visual display Dialog boxes are fine for selecting files, but not very inspiring when you’re in the groove. In many DAWs, that's all you get to preview Rex files before importing them - no controls, no waveform display, no ability to play the slices, and no tempo control to see how the file might feel at different tempos. REXPlayer gives you intuitive controls and flexibility when auditioning files. • Drag and drop simplicity If you work with Rex files, you may have hundreds or thousands of Rex files quietly tucked away in folders because navigating through folders in a dialog box to audition them is less than inspiring. With REXPlayer, a quick drop can queue up hundreds of files ready to play, making it easy to find your loops, play the sounds, and get back to creating music. When you find the right file, just drag it directly from REXPlayer into any DAW that reads Rex files - no need to jump back to the Finder to relocate the file ... though RexPlayer makes that easy, too. REXPlayer is built for your Mac. • Drag and Drop Drop a file, a few files, a folder, or even multiple folders full of Rex files on to REXPlayer. The files and its slices are ready to play nearly instantly. • CoreMIDI Select any available MIDI input to trigger the individual slices within a Rex file. Slices are automatically laid out for your MIDI controller to trigger sampler style. • CoreAudio REXPlayer takes advantage of Apple’s powerful CoreAudio technology to auto-locate your Mac’s audio interface and lock to its sample rate - no complicated setup or preferences to manage. Use your Mac’s built-in audio output or any compatible audio interface. --- Rex is a trademark of Propellerhead Software AB. References or use of logos or trademarks do not necessarily constitute or imply an endorsement or recommendation by Propellerhead Software.