Rig’s Dream

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Experience the amazing journey of Rig. As he travels through different worlds in his dream, making words out of letters around him & fighting the witch to wake up again. Bored of casual games? Endless runners without a beginning or an end or any real purpose? Come try your hands on Rig’s Dream.Try something hard, something that will engage your mind, something that is new and different on the store. Challenge yourself; It is a lot more fun! Play now for free. Features : Complete compatibility with gamepad including menu navigation A 3D adventure game with 3 different game modes - Story Mode, Arcade Mode & Kid Mode. Create word the witch gives you from the letters around you. Run and escape the enemies. Travel through 6 different worlds each with mesmerizing surroundings and unique enemies. The difficulty increases with each world. Do you have it in you to conquer all? Have endless fun in Arcade Mode. Use power ups to achieve your goals and have a totally different gameplay experience. Test your memory & spelling and increase your english vocabulary. Kid Mode for young players. Unique Comic Art based cutscene All this presented in a 3D RPG adventure style.