Ringtones Uncensored Pro

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On Sale TODAY! Happy Holidays! This is the PRO Version! A Mac version of our bestselling iOS app is now available! Create 100% custom Talking Ringtones for your iPhone using over a dozen TEXT-TO-SPEECH voices! Make your iPhone say whatever you want when a phone call comes in! Imagine having each contact's name/title/whatever announced whenever they call you! Create ringtones that play on your friends' iPhones when YOU call THEM! The app stores your custom ringtones on your computer in the directory of your choice. After you create your ringtones using the app, browse that folder and open the desired ringtones in iTunes. Sync your iPhone and assign custom ringtones to individual callers using the Phone or Contacts apps! Change the Default ringtone using the Settings app... just touch General -> Sounds. NOTE: This app creates ringtones for iPhone only. Our mobile apps create BOTH iOS and MP3 ringtones plus let you choose from 200 Sound FX to 'get your attention'. Visit http://RINGTON.ES for the iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Samsung version of Ringtones Uncensored Pro.