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Risk Manager is designed to be a simple, easy-to-learn, cost-effective tool for use in any environment or situation where qualitative risk management is required. The main features of Risk Manager are as follows: - Identify, analyse, treat and document Risks - consistent with ISO 31000 - Assess Risks pre and post mitigation strategy implementation - Customisable Likelihood/Consequence risk matrix - Edit default Owners & Categories in populated databases - Link related risks - Record mitigation strategies, controls, risk triggers, consequence description and residual risks - Flag risks for further action - Duplicate risks - Auto-generate unique Risk identification numbers (Risk ID) - Customisable Risk ID prefixes to provide context to the auto-generated numbers - Record notes and version history - Date/Time stamp notes and version history - Sort and Filter the Summary Screen - Hide/Show closed risks - View and print database statistics in a graphical format - Create printed reports with customisable content (including print to PDF) - Export graphs as image files (png, jpeg, tiff or gif) - Save reports as RTF or Doc files to be further customised by more specialised word processors - Use context-sensitive menus and keyboard shortcuts to enhance productivity - Import & Export CSV files using customisable delimiters - Database searches can be configured to search for Risk IDs or Titles - Search database as details are entered into the search field, or, after the Enter key is selected - Tab bar for multiple opened databases (macOS Sierra and later users only)