RoboDB MySQL Database Manager

OS X 10.12
RoboDB MySQL Database Manager is an effective app that allows you to manage your MySQL databases and users. The app provides a graphical interface simplify the process of managing databases and users. *Free forever* version with all features working (but just one connection/server allowed) ***** 50% off FULL version, limited time promotional price ***** RoboDB core features -Manage Unlimited Connections -Manage Unlimited Databases / Tables -Manage Unlimited Users and their proviledges -Export / Import function -Data Transfer between connections or databases -Predictive query typing - Import / Export connections to iCloud Why choose RoboDB - Easy to Use and Intuitive User Interface The app look and feel is taken as important as its feature set. The navigation feels like second nature along with visual appearance, interactive behavior and assistive capabilities. - Standard, Socket or SSH connection types supported RoboDB supports database connections through SSH and HTTP Tunnels. - Free version offered (1 connection) We are confident in our software's reliability and ease-of-use that we offer a FREE and fully functional version, the only limitation being that you can only have 1 connection/server at a time. - Continuous Improvement With more than 7 years of working as web agency we developed RoboDB app to manage databases. We are always working on new features and innovations to help you on your daily tasks. - Devoted Customer Support Team Our Customer Support Team is maintained by professionals, we are committed to dealing with support tickets in a timely fashion and strive to provide support services that exceed our customers' expectations.