Rookie Math Pro

OS X 10.9.0
Explore the exciting NEW 3D multiplayer world where playing and learning math with friends are one and the same. Combining everything your 6-11 year old kids love about video games with the mathematics curriculum to help them excel at school. Discover secrets, unlock characters, play multiplayer challenges with friends, collect Rookie coins, earn trophies and level up by completing learning tasks and exploring. There are 70+ unique curriculum-based mathematics games that contain hundreds of individual challenges. As well as six varied difficulty levels to cater for different abilities. This is just the beginning of an ever-expanding world that we are creating and we would appreciate your help to get it right. Future versions of Rookie will contain additional features such as; new environments to explore, new multiplayer games, new characters and much more as the platform develops. In the meantime, there may be the odd bug which we will fix as we find! We would also love your feedback. What did we do well? What could we do better? We’re still learning too. One thing is for sure - we want to build the best product we can. Learn more about Rookie and provide feedback at: Never miss an app update. Follow us on: Privacy Policy: ------------------------------------------------- This Version’s Features (1.0.5) - Completely free app. - Multiplayer functions allowing you to play with friends. - No in-app purchasing. - No advertising. - Child-safe app. Your child’s safety and privacy is our priority. - This version is designed for children aged 6-11. - Aligned to the Australian Mathematics Curriculum for Years 1 & 2 [Stage 1], 3 & 4 [Stage 2], 5 & 6 [Stage 3]. Mapped to the specific content strands; Number, Patterns and Algebra, Measurement, Data, Space and Geometry. - 70 + unique learning games that contain hundreds of individual challenges. - Multiplayer math games. - Five worlds to explore and story to discover whilst solving quests and challenges. . - Six varied difficulty levels based on age. - Rookie is still evolving and features will change as we develop the platform. ------------------------------------------------- Planned Features for future releases: - Hundreds of new learning games. - Personalized learning. - More multiplayer games and social learning. - More characters, more worlds, more fun. - Progress report for parents and kids. - Various unique and safe social elements letting kids learn and play together.