Rotate 2 Learn: Christmas Edition Puzzles!

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Play with your family and friends with an original new kind of circular puzzles! Spin the wheels and find the correct solutions! Try it now, it’s FREE! It’s a really fun experience for kids and people that love puzzles! It will be surely the favourite game for your family to play at Christmas! …don't miss it! Some features: * More than 60 puzzles to solve with 3 different image sets! * Two difficulty levels. A “shuffle mode” option to play the puzzles in a random sequence. * English and Italian languages supported. * Timer mode: how fast can you solve the puzzles? * Automatic auto-save mode. Replay from the last solved puzzle for each set. * Playable for everybody and anybody! It's fun for all ages! The perfect game for your family! * Very simple design, ideal for our kids. Simple and immediate user interface, specifically designated for this purpose. * Beautiful graphic, with exciting vibrant colors. * Expressly and exclusively designed for the Apple platforms (Mac, iPad & iPhone). “Rotate 2 Learn HD - Christmas Edition” includes the 3 sets of puzzles completely dedicated to Christmas theme. **** If you like puzzle games download “Rotate 2 Learn” now... you’ll adore it! **** Thanks for using our products. Feedback is always welcome to: App Store reviews are greatly appreciated, thank you.