RPG Quest: Minimae

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After years of peace, the offspring of evil has arisen. Prove yourself, brave knight! Seek the 8 rings of power and bring peace to our land once again! RPG Quest - Minimae follows in the tradition of classic 8-bit RPGs. Discover a large world filled with creatures to battle, towns to explore and secrets to uncover. Features - Large world to explore with open world gameplay - Beyond the main quest are other side quests and mini-games - Post-game quests and "infinite" dungeon! - Synthesized, classic chiptune music (NES style) - Beautiful pixel art - Many interesting towns to explore, and people to talk to - Audio options to disable only music, or music and sound effects - Hidden secrets to discover - Small file size Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news: P1XLgames www.P1XL.com