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RSS Feed Reader is an application that allows you to read RSS or Atom news feeds on your Mac OS X computer. It automates the job of retrieving news articles from all subscribed feeds and storing them in a local database for reading off-line. It provides features that allow you to search feeds for keywords or phrases, tag articles with a flag for future reference and organise related feeds together under groups. You can create smart folders that make it easy to dynamically retrieve and view all articles in the database that match a search criteria. The built-in web browser allows you to go to the articles web page or view links in the article directly in RSS Feed Reader in separate tabs. RSS Feed Reader is designed to be simple and easy to use. A clean, uncluttered, interface maximises the space for articles and just a few controls are needed to perform the most common actions in the user interface. FEATURES: • Offline reading • High speed, efficient RSS engine. • Quick text search in all feeds. • Simple views with focus on the content • Customizable interface • Built-in browser view for viewing inline links and other references • Add, remove, move, archive and mark bookmarks as favorites • Smart folders • Full support for Pocket, Readability, Pinboard and Delicious tags • OS X Notification Center support • Share bookmarks via Twitter, Facebook, Buffer, Email or Evernote • Preference to display unread items in the dock • Customizable keyboard shortcuts • OPML export and import. Sharing services: • Safari Reading List • Buffer • Readability • Instapaper • Pocket • Evernote • MarsEdit • Pinboard • Delicious • Twitter • Facebook • Mail