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RSS Follower is a gorgeous news reader you even looked. Read, share, and search your news by using a clean and intuitive interface. RSS Follower is made in the bright light and dark saturation styles. Each element of the application has been carefully designed and implemented in both styles. OS X El Capitan ready. Features: • Gorgeous Design: the bright light and dark saturation styles • Standalone RSS engine • RSS, ATOM support • Download Enclosure • Simple control and navigation • Incredible built-in News Browser with Summary and Web Views • Continue to read the news, by going on the links directly in the News Browser • New article notifications in Notification Center • Easy share article from both Summary and Web View in News Browser via Email, Message, Twitter, and Facebook ____________________________________________________ SUGGESTIONS OR QUESTIONS? Send us an email! PLEASE RATE & REVIEW! Let us know what you think about this application! Not just a 1-star rating, let us know what is wrong or what didn't worked for you, so we can improve this application.