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RTT Rules Suite

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RTT Rules Suite is a tool to assist NHS Staff master the "Referral to Treatment" Rules. It presents the rules graphically and provides the user with a simple to use interface that allows him or her to easily traverse the rules hierarchy. For example, by tapping the "Clock Start" tab the user is presented with the three circumstances under which a "Clock Start" event may occur; these are "Professional or Service referral", "Self-referral" or "New waiting time". On tapping any of these options, RTT Rules Suite displays the appropriate explanation for the particular rule and displays any subordinate condition. The "Clock Stop" rules are similarly displayed. RTT Rules Suite allows the user to append their own "sticky" notes to assist their learning by annotating the screens. A note can be created by right-clicking on a section's title label. "Stickies" can be edited and deleted. Users can measure their learning progress by taking the multi-choice revision test. RTT Rules Suite also provides a text search function where appropriate. RTT Rules Suite implements the "Referral to treatment consultant-led waiting times Rules Suite" as prepared by the NHS Clinical Services Team in October 201 along with the "Recording and reporting referral to treatment (RTT) waiting times for consultant-led elective care" rules. Rules Suite links each rule to the appropriate notes and are accessible by simply tapping. Notes may also be browsed from a menu. RTT Rules Suite also contains a comprehensive glossary of the terms in the document.