Russian bank – card game

OS X 10.6.6
After Solitaire Freecell, Spider Solitaire, Solitaire Klondike and Belote, Valiprod created for you this beautiful modern version of Crapette! Find all the classic features of the Crapette in this beautiful modernized version! For beginners, a system of indices is available as well as rules in order to fully understand the meaning of the game and develop further strategies. The rules of the crapette are very simple: Start by looking at the two 4-card columns. If you see an ace, you place it on one of the central columns, which releases the first box. If there is also a card of the same color, lower, you can place it on the ace (that is, the king of the same color) and then release another card instead of former. Similarly, if in the columns there are for example a heart valet and a queen of spades, the first one is then placed on the second, but offset, which will release a third box. When you no longer have a card, you must first place the cards of your Crapette from the pile. When you're done, it's up to your opponent to play and so on until one of the players no longer has a card. Enjoy plenty of game statistics to see your progress such as: Number of games played Number of games won (%) Total playing time ... Fan of card games? So download now "Crapette ....." and good game! For the latest news and upcoming games, do not hesitate to follow us on Facebook