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Sabrina’s Sight Words is a great way to help your child learn to read. In the English language there are many sight words that children need to be able to read when they see them instead of sounding them out. Sabrina’s Sight Words takes the 1000 Fry Sight Words mixes it up with good teaching methods and games to help your child learn to read. Your child will love learning their sight words as they help Princess Sabrina defend her kingdom from the evil wizard. * Sabrina’s Sight Words contains a teaching game where the princess will tell your child the word they see so they can match up the sound with the sight words they see. * Sabrina’s Sight Words contains a spelling game where the princess will tell your child what sight word they need to spell and then give your child points and encouragement when they get the sight word right. * Sabrina’s Sight Words contains an adventure game where they will defend the princess’s kingdom from the evil wizard by helping her get through a maze they were sent to. They must pick or spell the sight words to get through each of the doors. In the final scene, the princess will tell your child which words to pick from the magic book to defeat the wizard. * Sabrina’s Sight Words contains 25 sight words in each of the 40 levels with increasing difficulty for children from kindergarten to fourth grade. This makes for 1000 sight words for your child to learn. * Sabrina’s Sight Words uses multiple methods to help your child learn their sight words. They will hear the sight words, be asked to spell their sight words, and also be asked to pick their sight words. This gives them multiple avenues to strengthen the learning of the sight words. * Sabrina’s Sight Words also tracks scores in the various games. Your child can see their progress as they achieve new high scores attempting to complete each sight words game with fewer mistakes. * Sabrina’s Sight Words supports multiple payers on a single device. You can save each player’s name so they can come back to where they left off in each game. If you have more than one child learning their sight words, then Sabrina’s Sight Words makes it easy for them to share in the learning.