Safelog Pilot Logbook

OS X / Intel 32
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Safelog can be used by student and recreational pilots through senior airline captains and military pilots worldwide. Safelog is also institutionally in use at hundreds of flight schools, airlines, corporate and helicopter operators, and more. It's an easy to use, feature-rich, powerful system. Stay current, organized, and legal! It's a powerful, proven, integrated, and easy to use system in use by tens of thousands of pilots worldwide from Cessna 150s and Robinson R22s through Boeing 787s and Airbus A380s. The Safelog electronic logbook system is fully compatible with US FAA regulations(including 61.65, Part 91, Part 135, and Part 121 operations) JAA/CAA JAR-FCL, UK CAP 407, Transport Canada, CASA Australia and all other known aviation authorities worldwide. Safelog for Mac is easy to use, provides you your flight data wherever you want it, and synchs with any other Safelog devices (including if you have multiple Macs) with just a few clicks, makign your key flight data available where and when you need it. Safelog clients are also available for a number of phone, tablet, and other devices. Safelog is an integrated, mutually-support system so that you can access your log when and on what devices you choose. Of course, you only need use what you like (for example, you may find yourself using only this Mac app and nothing more). Features Worldwide 100,000+ record airport database (regularly updated, integrated free updates) Built-in aircraft database (over 60,000 types, regularly updated, integrated free updates) Duty and Block time logging for professional pilots Schedule import from major airline systems (see site for details) Expense logging, distance of flight logging Aircraft and contact managers Highly customizable fields Powerful reporting and analysis tools; custom currency rules Medicals, Flight Reviews, and the like Flight Test readiness analysis based on regulatory aeronautical experience requirements Over 100 high quality PDF reports and logbook printouts Support for totals entered before Safelog (so if you have stacks of old logbooks, you don't have to enter them all to start using Safelog effectively) Import data form third party logbook systems (your old eLog), csv files, and more Easy syncing with other Safelog devices and portals such as for your phone or tablet Store photos, journal entries, and more Powerful filters. Charts and graphs galore Log flights and see your logbook offline or on Free web portal (see your logbook via web browser) access with Safelog account Legendary ease of use and customer support Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.