Sailing Regatta

OS X 10.9.0
Dive into an unforgettable experience. Inshore & Offshore Competitive Sport Of Sailing Races. Play local vs others real players ghost sailboats. Play on-line(multiplayer) vs real players. Periodically new sailing race Paths. Commands a sail boat during a sailing race, you dare to do it. Do not worry if you don’t known how to drive a sailboat, is very easy to learn it in the learning sea field scene. Go to marina and choose your preferred sail boat, starting from small dinghy up to a two tree sail boat. - Five sailboat ready for you Main features - Multiplayer Race - Single Player Race - Play Vs Others Real Player Ghost Ship - Real Sailboat Behaviour - Real Wind Random Speed & Direction - Player Can Manage Adjust Rudder Adjust MainSail Adjust HeadSail Adjust Spinnaker - Cloth Sails Real Wind Pressure On Them - Learning Sea Field If you like sea & sailboats must try it… Enjoy!