Sample Manager for Electribe Sampler

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Electribe Sample Manager is a must have for all owners of the new Korg Electribe Sampler. With Sample Manager for Electribe Sampler you - easily browse for wav and aif files on your harddisk and mounted devices - prelisten the samples automatically - import them into an .all-file with the click of a button or via drag and drop - automatically convert samples to mono if needed (stereo samples require 2 parts on the Electribe Sampler) - save the samples into a single .all-file which can be read by the Electribe Sampler on start-up - easily delete single or all factory samples - rename samples - and the best at the end: *** overwrite single or all factory samples (+ 403 sample slots!) *** *** categorize user samples *** Save the file as "e2sSample.all" in the folder KORG/electribe sampler/sample on an SD card, insert it into our Electribe Sampler, (re)start and you are good to go! Note: Please keep backups of your .all-files. In case a sample cannot be imported feel free to contact me.