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Turn your mac into a television! With this app and a Sat>IP compliant server (e.g. DVBViewer Recording Service or Octopus NET) you can receive live TV in your home network. The application only works in your local network, where your Sat>IP device is located. Sat>IP is not intend to be streamed outside the LAN. HIGHLIGHTS • Watch live digital television in SD or HD on Mac. • Record shows on your system • Digital Program guide if available • Teletext is supported • Subtitles are supported Important Notes • The availability and the amount of epg data is dependent on the broadcast and can vary. • Performance may be limited by network bandwidth. 802.11n Wi-Fi is recommended. Requirements • Sat>IP compliant server We look forward for your feedback. If you have questions or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact us at our DVBViewer-Forum ( or via e-mail (