Scale Suggestor

OS X 10.8
Scale Suggestor is a tool to help get creative ideas from MIDI phrases you've created or ones you've purchased and/or downloaded. Scale Suggestor not only detects scales or chords that a MIDI phrase is in, you can even create new MIDI files based on the keys pressed on the Scale Suggestor interface. The keys can be scales, chords or even your own custom notes that don't follow a scale or chord that you've created over the years of playing. When creating a new MIDI file, you can filter out, re-adjust to notes pressed on the interface or even create a new random MIDI phrase which uses the notes on the interface as it's source for the random process. Using the keys pressed on the interface always keeps your new MIDI file in a music tonality that you've specified. On any Scale Suggestor random process, not all parts may sound good together but you can cut and paste parts to use now or save for another project. Since this is MIDI you can listen and change the notes in your piano roll/MIDI editor to enchance the sound even further. As a bonus, you get 744 MIDI chord files. You also get over 1,500 scales (in all keys) which total over 19,000 MIDI scale files. The human mind can only retain so many scale/key combinations, a computer doesn't have that issue. So now you can explore over 1,500 scales from around the world. As always, read the help documentation for Scale Suggestor at and watch the video tutorials as well. More video tutorials will be posted. Creativity starts with you, Scale Suggestor helps with your creative process. Updated: 2015-01-05 Post comments and/or questions on my Facebook Page