Scan Thing: Scan Everything

macOS 11.0+

With Scan Thing, you can extract objects, people, pets, artwork and just about anything else from any image, image URL, or PDF document.

Scan Thing can also capture books and documents with the original images intact and the text extracted and embedded. You can save your scan as a single- or multi-page PDF with all its text fully searchable and selectable.

You don't need an account to use Scan Thing. You don't need internet access. Your scans never leave your Mac as Scan Thing does all of its processing on-device. Because your privacy is important (not to mention none of our business), we collect no data whatsoever and we don't use any third-party code. Your privacy is yours, and we think it should stay that way.

You can get Scan Thing for a one-time purchase and share it with your family at no extra cost. No subscriptions. No adds. No shenanigans.


Scan Thing: 便宜好用的抠图+OCR一体机

Scan Thing 是一款非常好用的集「抠图」+ 「OCR」于一体的 macOS  软件,可以从任意图片里用拖拽手势选取目标物体(人、动物、植物、建筑等等)或是文字后直接做拖动目标至 Mac 桌面(或自动拷贝到系统剪贴板)即可进行保存,如下图: 用拖拽手势选择图片里的布偶猫,这时所在区域是透明黄色...